Saturday, August 11, 2007

Becoming a grownup

No, I have not fallen off the face of the planet. I think I lost my writing mojo. Not that I had much of a writing mojo in the first place, but what I had has shriveled up lately.

But I have been reading lots of books. Maybe it would be best if I just do a giant post with all the books I've read and leave it at that.

Let me update you on my daughter first. I may have mentioned that my daughter's wedding plans have been on hold while she looks for a new job. Good news, she found a real full time regular job (Human Resources Assistant) for a local bank with benefits and everything. She gets health & dental insurance, paid vacation and paid holidays. I told her she is officially a grownup now. From my point of view this is very good news because:
  • We can take her off of our health insurance plan and save a little money. We were a bit worried about her health insurance since our plan will drop her next January. Her fiance owns a marshal arts studio and they really can't afford to buy health insurance so she would still have no coverage after they are married. Now she can put him on her new company's so they will both be covered
  • We can take her off of our cell phone plan. We put her on our plan after she went away to college because she couldn't afford to buy cell phone service on the wages she earned working part time. In our old plan Bob and I barely used 200 minutes/month. When we added her we had to increase it to 2000 minutes/month. Yeah, it's ridiculous but it turned out to be a good thing for my peace of mind.
  • We can take her off of our car insurance. The best news of all. She is a good driver and has only had one ticket, but just last month she confessed to getting another ticket. I was not pleased. Maybe she'll be a little more careful knowing she has to pay any increase in insurance due to traffic tickets.
I don't think she'll be quite as pleased about all this as we are but it's all part of becoming a grownup. When I was living at home before I married Bob, my parents charged me rent! But we decided not to do that since she will be gone soon anyway.

Ok, running out of steam. Will talk about books tomorrow.


CindyS said...

Hmmm, I'm still working on that grown up thing. I think my parents would have paid Bob a dowry but he was happy with my only possession (a 6 disc CD player - it was pretty fancy for 12 years ago).

My mother says I have a charmed life and you better believe I know it!

My mother also said I wasn't allowed to say her eulogy (after Bob's dad passed we were talking about how we wanted stuff and my family really are a bunch of cards when they get into their wine). I was all, 'why can't I say the eulogy? I will be quite eloquent'. My mom: 'Please, that's all I need is you up there telling everyone about what a lush I was and hanging out of the car window and puking'

Uh, totally happened so I think it's fair game ;)

But, Congrats to you for sending one successfully out of the nest!


Rosie said...

We have two boys 20 & 17. Trying to help them, teach them to save and give them a good start in life is what it's all about, but I must confess the expense just before they leave the nest is a bit heavy at times.

The big payoff for any parent is seeing them settled and on their way. Your daughter sure seems to be going in the right direction. Congratulations!

nath said...

I have to admit that being in your daughter's position, growing up sucks LOL :P but congratulations to you Renee :D

ReneeW said...

Cindy: LOLOL you make me laugh. Your family sounds a bit like mine. They won't let you get away with crap. Well, she has one foot out the door. She will be living at home till she gets married but she is no trouble and now that she has a full time job, we won't be supporting her as much.

Rosie: I read somewhere that a parent's job is to work yourself out of your job. So that they can make their way in the world on their own. But man, it's not easy. Those last few years of HS and college is expensive. I hope I don't get that 'empty nest' syndrome when she finally moves out. I know I'll miss her but Bob and I have so many plans that there is a new phase starting in our life and it's exciting. You're almost there, so you know what I mean.

Nath: Yeah, I still remember that feeling when I was that age. But it gets easier. I was scared but my parents raised me right and were very supportive.

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