Sunday, July 22, 2007

Golfing and reading

You may (or may not) have noticed I haven't been around much. That's a sure sign I have been working my ass off at my job. Hate that! I keep saying I'm going to look around for a new job, but I never do. Not much time for reading either.

They want us to work weekends too, but I said screw that. Bob and I took off this weekend in the RV. Went camping over at Potholes State Park which is over the mountains in Eastern Washington. Left on Friday after work. Weather was sunny and warm with some light clouds. Bob wanted to golf over at Sage Hills Golf Resort and I was going to sit at the campsite and read. But Saturday morning he decides he doesn't want to golf by himself and wants me to go with him. He said he would rent an electric cart and I could drive it. Then he suggested I bring my book along to read (when I wasn't driving ... of course). I said "But honey, you need the exercise!" and he said he would walk and I would drive the cart. I said "Let's Go!"

I love driving the golf cart. I did this one other time and had a blast. So Bob would hit the ball and I would tear off down the golf course looking for the ball, then park there, whip out my book and read until Bob caught up with me, changed clubs, and whacked the ball again. In between, I would offer him golfing advice :)

Me: Honey, the wind is behind you.
Bob: Shit, the wind's behind me, I hit it too hard and overshot the green.
Me: You should always listen to your caddy.
Bob: ** gives me THE LOOK **

Me: Oooooo, honey, that wasn't a very good shot!
Bob: ** gives me THE LOOK, again **

Bob: Damn, I hit the trees again.
Me: Why do you keep hitting the trees?
Bob: **gives me THE LOOK, again **
Me: ** time to keep my mouth shut **

Bob: Where's the ball washer? I need to wash my balls.
Me: *** no comment... ***

Really it was all in good fun. We laughed and joked a lot. I learned some new swear words too. Overall it was very relaxing for me. Very quiet and peaceful out there on the fairways. I got some rays and the cool breeze kept me from getting too hot (remembered to put on sunscreen this time too). Very fun driving the golf cart and I got really good at spotting his ball (*** OK, no comments from the peanut gallery ***). We had dinner in the clubhouse afterward and the food was surprisingly excellent.

What was I reading that I couldn't tear myself away from?? The Rainbow Season by Lisa Gregory. It was EXCELLENT! I can't remember who told me about this one. Well, it's been in my TBR since 2004, but I keep thinking it may have been KristieJ. It's a western historical with a copyright date of 1979 by Candace Camp and a tortured hero to die for. Very emotional and very HOT. I had a few quibbles but it's a keeper because I know I'll want a re-read. I had no idea that Lisa Gregory was Candace Camp but it doesn't matter because I've never read her either. I see that it has a sequel, The Rainbox Promise, but I'm wondering if it's any good. Anyone read that?

I also finished Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward this weekend and loved that too! Another good book in the BDB series. This one is Butch's story and I think I liked it more than my twin. :) I may do a review on this one too, but I haven't been reliable lately so don't believe anything I say. BTW, I hate the lessers and couldn't care less about their stories. Skipped all their crap. Complete waste of time. Oh, and John is a real pain in the ass. Just saying.


Rosie said...

Had to smile at the golf stories. I love walking but only when we shoot 9 holes. When the guys go out to do 18 I usually stay home. Once in a great while I've gone and driven the golf cart. I loved it too, although I had to learn about the cart paths and rules of the road so to speak. But's it's always fun. Haven't done it for a long time and this made me think about getting out there again.

Rosie said...

BTW, I have both Rainbow books by Gregory. Nothing else she wrote quite measured up to them for me, but those two...were very good.

Kristie (J) said...

I had to laugh that you didn't golf too. Driving the cart is fun though isn't it?
And it might have been me that recommended this one. It's one of my faves! Do you have the second one two? 'Cause it continues their story as well as Luke's sister and it's equally good. In fact I read it first and couldn't rest until I found and read the first book.

ReneeW said...

Rosie: I was nervous too at first about the golf cart etiquette but they were pretty informal there. Bob told me where you NEVER drive (the greens). I followed the tire marks in the grass when there wasn't a paved path . Of course when he hit the ball out in the sage brush I stayed in the grass and pointed "Hey, honey, it's WAY over there", then I'd get the LOOK again :) So fun to tease him. And he was a good sport.

Kristie: I forgot to mention that I don't golf. Told Bob years ago that I have better things to do with my spare time (like reading). I don't have the second Rainbow book. But I'm glad you and Rosie liked it too so now I'm convinced I must find it. PBS has a copy so I'm ordering today.

CindyS said...

You are a much better wife than I! Although tooling around on the golf cart sounds like balls of fun *snort*. My Bob golfs when he's not doing the many other things he does. I nap but then you knew that.

I MISSED YOU!! I was going to come and poke you tonight if there was no post ;)

I have The Rainbow Season on my TBB list but I think Kristie mentioned she saw it on my bookshelves. I have yet to search for it.

Well, I'm glad you liked Butch's story and I'm thinking that you probably did enjoy it more than me. The good news is I don't really have any expectations with V's book so maybe it will work better.

And I hope work eases off. Stupid jobs. Takes the fun out of the fun stuff ;)


ReneeW said...

Cindy: I missed you too! I haven't been able to keep up with blogs and yours always makes me laugh. I really need that now. Stupid job. You must try driving a golf cart sometime..... great fun. The Rainbow Season was good but it had a few minor annoyances. But they didn't keep me from enjoying it. You must find it if you can because it's worth it. I'm actually looking forward to V's story but he is a rather strange guy (for a vampire, even). I don't get him. I hated that stunt he pulled of jumping off the building. What an ass. I don't think I'll rush into buying his story like I did this one. I'll wait for some reviews.

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