Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Home Sick

I'm home sick today from work and I feel like crap! But here I am snuggled with on the couch with the laptop computer so I thought I would blog since I'm bored out of my tree. I tried reading but I can't concentrate. It started out with a tickle at the back of my throat on Saturday, then worked into a sore throat on Monday. Yesterday was our big 4th of July bash in our front yard with the whole neighborhood which was a lot of fun. But I talked too much and now today I sound like a frog and I can hardly swallow. Couple that with my head congestion and I figure this must be a summer cold.

I can't remember the last time I stayed home sick from work but I couldn't get out of bed this morning. I hate being sick.

I'm about halfway through The Cobra and the Concubine and I'm enjoying it although for some strange reason I thought this was a paranormal which it is NOT.

Other books I recently finished:
Hope's Captive by Kate Lyon
The Music of the Night by Lydia Joyce
The Shadow Touch by Marjorie M. Liu

All of these were good reads. I'll try to write some quick reviews when I'm feeling better. I'm tired now. I need a nap.

Update: Blogger sucks today. Can't get anything to publish.


Kristie (J) said...

Awwwwww--hope your feeling better soon!! But at least we get to enjoy the fruits of your illness. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you have to say about Hope's Captive and The Cobra and the Concubine - two lesser known authors that quite delighted me with how much I enjoyed their books.

Wendy said...

Well damn - I got you sick! You have the exact same mysterious illness I got on Thursday. It's now Wednesday and I'm just starting to feel human again.

Tara Marie said...

Hope your feeling better soon.

Of the 4 you've listed I've not read Hope's Captive, but considering you and Kristie both liked it I'll probably look for it.

ames said...

Hope you feel better soon Renee!

CindyS said...

Renee - I hope you are feeling better as I type this. Nothing worse than a summer cold because there is just no reason for it. I get especially miserable about summer colds and I'm a bear about any cold!!

I'm just glad to see you blogging again even though you are tired and sick.

Have you read many of Joyce's books? I'm just wondering what you think of them - hot, not so hot and yeah, I'm talking sensual. Good story?

You know when you get time ;)


ReneeW said...

Thanks everyone. I'm not quite all better yet, but I'm working on it.

Kristie: I'm working on some quickie reviews and I think HC was my favorite of the two you mention.

Wendy: LOL, I don't feel quite human yet. This crud seems to be going around here and I guess I just have to let it go the course. Lucky you are already over it.

Tara: HC was very good. You'll need to go find it :)

Ames: Thanks!

Cindy: Summer colds are just wrong - haven't had one in a long time. I read Joyce's Veil of Night and really liked it. Both of these were very hot with good stories.

sybil said...

Get better!

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