Monday, March 13, 2006

Four Meme

I'm in heaven. Tomorrow I move into my new office with a window! I have my own office now but it's a cave with no window. I'm solar powered - I need sunlight. Anyway. Here's my answers to the latest meme from CindyS and KristieJ (with my dull boring answers):

Four jobs you have had in your life
1) Mail girl (My dad got me this job when I was 18. This is where I met Bob.)
2) Senior clerk for construction company (where a constr. foreman came into the office every day to stare at my boobs)
3) Secretary for Hewlett Packard (loved this company)
4) Software Test Engineer for Microsoft (hated that job)

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1) When Harry Met Sally (never gets old)
2) Pride & Prejudice (A&E version, all six hours of it)
3) Emma
4) Moonstruck

Four places you have lived:
1) Fargo, ND (born there. Met Bob in WA but he's is born and raised in ND, small world)
2) Tacoma, WA
3) Richland, WA (this is why I am solar powered)
4) Kirkland, WA

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1) Extreme Makeover Home Edition
2) What Not to Wear (TLC)
3) Myth Busters (Discovery)
4) The Daily Show

Four places you have been on vacation:
1) Disney World
2) Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
3) Maui
4) Disneyland

Four websites you visit daily:
1) All About Romance
2) The Huffington Post
3) PaperbackSwap
4) WeightWatchers

Four favorite foods:
1) Cookies (any type - I'm the Cookie Monster)
2) Barbequed hamburgers and fresh corn on the cob
3) Chocolate
4) Chinese food

Four places you would rather be right now:
1) snorkling at Ka'anapali beach in Maui
2) a cruise anywhere warm
3) Florence, Italy
4) Greece

Four friends you are tagging that you think will respond:
1) Keishon
2) Rosario
3) Alyssa
4) cw


Megan Frampton said...


I like seeing what other people put--like you love Moonstruck, like I do, and visit the Huffington Post (the other sites--AAR, AMazon--aren't as much of a surprise).

Congrats on the window, too!

ReneeW said...

Megan: Wow really? I think that last scene in Moonstruck in the kitchen is probably one of the funniest ever written. I laugh every time I watch it. Don't you just love HuffPost. I'm an unapologetic liberal and since my husband considers himself republican I get lots of ammunition for any political *discussions* :).

Tara Marie said...

Congrats on the window, hope the view is great.

Kristie (J) said...

I think I'm the only person I know who reads romance that hasn't seen any versions of P&P. In fact I only have the vaguest idea of what's it about.

ReneeW said...

Tara: Thanks! It was a beautiful sunny day today just for me so I could sit and stare out the window (and get nothing done). I love my new office.

Kristie: You have GOT to be kidding me!! I. am. shocked. Are you saying that you have never read P&P or seen the movie? Do I have to start a list and put your name at the top?

CindyS said...

Well, Renee, if you make that list, you better put me on it. Right now I have the lastest one rented so we'll see if I can get the nerve to watch it.

I have never read P&P and never been able to catch P&P on A&E.

I watch What Not To Wear every so often and have discovered what looks good on a bigger girl like me. Waist length jackets over tees. So far, so good. It's when I get in a bathing suit that things get iffy ;)


Jay said...

I've never seen/read P&P either, but I don't need (want) to be added to the list ;)

ReneeW said...

Cindy: I just got the latest P&P movie in the mail from netflix and I'm looking forward to watching it Fri. night. I'm curious how close it is to the book. The A&E version was very close and of course Colin Firth is yummy. If you enjoy it, you really must try the book, please, please, please??

Just thinking about wearing a bathing suit gives me hives.

Jay: You are excused because I know your tastes tend to contemporary. Rather than make a list, I may just take a poll :) I

CindyS said...

I watch P&P with Kiera Knightly and I quite enjoyed it except I kept thinking throughout the movie that I *knew* the story. Knowing I have never read the book or seen the A&E version I began to believe that I must have seen a British version (I have seen Persuasion).

Once the movie was finished I went looking for the alternate ending people had talked about but couldn't find it. I did, however, look at the history of the story only to discover that I had seen this story played out before!

I rented the Bollywood movie Bride and Prejudice about 4 months ago!! Too funny!

Now, I must see the Colin Firth version because he's yummy.


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