Monday, March 13, 2006

Blogger hacking

I finally used Angie's link to a trick on Amit's blog explaining how to use expandable posts only on individual posts of your choosing. The Blogger hack forced the 'read more' link to appear on EVERY post which can be annoying when you have nothing to expand (like on short posts). So now when you see my 'Jump to it!' link there should actually be something more to read! Cool!

Amit also has a new program called labelr that let's you add categories to your blog. It's a beta version so that means it could be buggy so you are warned to use at your own risk.

Here I am sitting late Sunday evening in front of the computer. Rough day. Bob and I have been painting our living room and dining room. We have a vaulted ceiling and this is a major project. Everything done except the giant wall at the end. This wall is about 30 feet wide and at the peak probably 12 feet high. We'll do it next weekend. Bob did the ceiling and I was supposed to do the walls. But after watching me and complaining that I wasn't doing it right, he decided to 'help' me. *big grin* My evil plan worked. We got everything except giant wall done pretty quickly. We will finish next weekend. My body aches all over. I'm finding muscles I didn't know I had.

Oh, and I have this creepy stalker who keeps leaving me spam comments with his ugly picture. I think I'm going to have to turn on comment verification. Sigh.

I better go to bed.

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