Monday, December 20, 2010

My Best of 2010

I have a few 2010 books that I still want to read so this is just a preliminary list.  Only two were A reads, the rest were B+.  I have only reviewed one of these books.

There are four more 2010 books in my TBR and a whole bunch more on my wishlist. I'd better get cracking and get some more read before the annual poll at AAR.  I love to submit my yearly favorites for this poll.

I think my favorite of the year is Libertine's Kiss by Judith James.  An unusual book with a great hero and heroine set in an unusual time period (Restoration Period) - also very HOT.   James also wrote Broken Wing which is one of KristieJ's favorites. 

Author Title Grade
Balogh, Mary A Matter of Class B+
Bourne, Joanna The Forbidden Rose A
Carr, Robyn Forbidden Falls B+
Dahl, Victoria Lead Me On B+
Dreyer, Eileen Barely a Lady B+
Higgins, Kristan The Next Best Thing B+
James, Judith Libertine's Kiss A
Robb, J. D. Fantasy in Death B+
Ross, JoAnn The Homecoming B+
Singh, Nalini Bonds of Justice B+


Kristie (J) said...

I did love Libertine's Kiss though not quite as much as Broken Wing. I'm still trying to get as many in as I can too, but as soon as I start thinking that, I hit a slump. I think it's the pressure I put on myself *heavy sigh*

ReneeW said...

KristieJ: It's a toss up for me but I think I liked Libertine's Kiss better. There was such a long separation between the hero and heroine in Broken Wing which I didn't like but the book overall was awesome.

I know what you mean, I hate that when I hit a slump! Thank goodness it doesn't happen too often.

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