Friday, March 26, 2010

Blogging Mojo Found

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo lately. I'm on break from school so I thought I would drop by my blog and write something about what's going on in my life.

Last quarter I took a couple of programming courses and one of them was web programming so I learned HTML, CSS and Javascript. Very cool! It will come in handy if I want to make changes to my blog template. Bob has a website for his company and wants me to make some updates and changes. I'm not sure how that will work out but I can do some simple stuff. Anyway I'll have some good skills to add to my resume.

I have read 35 books this year and had 5 DNF. I have also stopped buying new books because I just am sick of looking at the old books in my TBR. There are about 60 and I'm determined to either read them or trade them. And then use go shopping for some new books I want. I thought I would have a hard time with this but I've been too busy to shop for books anyway so it's not too bad. I'm behind on all the latest books and have done little blogging.

I've been on a Susan Elizabeth Phillips binge lately. I discovered that my library has most of her books on CD so I have been checking them out from the library and listening to them in the car while I go to and from school. Most of them are read by Anna Fields who is a wonderful reader. Six of the eight I read have been re-reads. The lowest grade went to her latest, What I Did For Love, which did not impress me. I didn't like either the hero or heroine much. Here is a snapshot of the results from my reading log:

01/01/10 Dream a Little Dream Phillips, Susan Elizabeth B+ reread
01/07/10 Nobody's Baby But Mine Phillips, Susan Elizabeth A reread
01/26/10 Honey Moon Phillips, Susan Elizabeth A
02/07/10 Match Me If You Can Phillips, Susan Elizabeth A reread
02/15/10 It Had to Be You Phillips, Susan Elizabeth A reread
02/24/10 What I Did For Love Phillips, Susan Elizabeth B-
03/11/10 Kiss an Angel Phillips, Susan Elizabeth A reread
03/25/10 This Heart of Mine Phillips, Susan Elizabeth B+ reread

I miss visiting my favorite blogs so I hope to do some blog hopping before I have to start back to school on April 4. Later.

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