Sunday, October 12, 2008

Recent Book Order

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments about my "laid off" news. And for reminding me that other people have it worse than me. I'm pretty lucky. Bob and I paid off our mortgage in 2003 which is probably the smartest thing we ever did. Bob is part owner of a business but he has no retirement so my salary was basically our retirement money. Our biggest worry is the value of our retirement money due to the stock market crash. *sigh* My stomach can't handle any more worry so I choose not to think about it now.

I have been updating my resume, filing for unemployment (I get $541/week... not bad, really), and working on recovering my dining room chairs, and cleaning out some closets.

Plus I bought some new track lighting for the living room. It's just too dark in there and I thought it would brighten it up. Bob put it up yesterday with some help from me. Whew! Man, I can't tell you how many times I heard the f-bomb and other assorted cuss words. The living room has a 12-foot ceiling and he had to crawl up in the attic with all the insulation and pull wiring through the wall while I pushed the wire from down below. I came close to being knocked out when a metal rod fell from the ceiling! Bob came downstairs yelling "Are you OK, I could have killed you!" Nice, honey. Missed me by a whole 2 feet.

Anyway, I have been doing lots of reading too. And I spent my gift certificate money that I won from Cindy. Here's what I bought:

Warrior: The Time Hunters by Angela Knight

Hostage to Pleasure by Nalini Singh

Delicious by Sherry Thomas

Yum! I already finished this one and loved it. Setting is a Victorian Historical with heroine who is a chef and hero who is a MP. Made me hungry and put me in the mood to do some cooking. I may have to write a review of this one.

Reading now: The Marriage Bed by Stephanie Mittman.
This is an oldie (1996) that I just found at a UBS. Can't remember how it got on my list. Somebody raved about it on their blog (maybe Kristie or Cindy? - can't remember). I've only read a couple pages and I can tell it will probably be a tear jerker - which I love. We'll see.


Kristie (J) said...

I have a lot of money invested too, but I haven't been worried about it 'cause I know things will come back. They always have in the past and there's no reason why they won't this time. I just put off my thoughts of going part time a further ways in the distance that's all. Glad to see you back though!
LOL - I learned through experience that when Ron was doing some house kind of stuff to stay away, stay far, far away. Sounds like it will be nice though!! And it wasn't me about The Marriage Bed. That's one I don't think I've read so it must have been Cindy.
I do have a book you SIMPLY HAVE, HAVE, HAVE to read though!! Broken Wing by Judith James. I am 100% sure this one will awe and amaze you!!! And I have this Quest thing going you see......

ReneeW said...

Kristie: I'm with you on the investment stuff. I know it will go up again someday so I refuse to worry now. I suggested Bob call the neighbor to help but he hates asking other people (what a guy) so I volunteered to help. It surprised me when he agreed. I think I will think twice next time and call the neighbor myself. Oh yes, I read on your blog about that book ... Broken Wing and I already have it on my wishlist. I'm trying to get caught up with blogs. When you gave it such a high grade, that was enough for me. ;)

Christine said...

Hi Renee!
I probably don't have to tell you this, but I just have to comment about the unemployment. Don't forget to put some of your unemployment money aside for tax purposes. It is taxable like income without any withholdings, so you could get burned in the end. I kind of knew about that when I was on unemployment back in 1994, but I was paying for grad school at the time and used it all up. We had to pay a lot that year in taxes. Again, sorry if I'm preaching something you're already well aware of. I'd just feel terrible if I didn't share something I learned the hard way, you know?

Anyway, glad to hear you're catching up on some projects and of course, READING! :)

ReneeW said...

Christine: Yes, thanks for the excellent tip, but I remember from the last time I was unemployed back in 2003 that this income is taxable (which really makes no sense if you ask me). I ended up having to pay taxes that year just like you. So this time I'm having the state deduct 10% for federal income tax.

So the government sends you money for unemployment then you turn around and send some of it back to them. ??? Weird. Why don't they just send us less and save me the trouble? I'm being too logical, I guess. ;)

sybil said...

U too huh? Should we form a support group? make a blog?

CindyS said...

Thankfully you have your house paid off! Bob and I were mortgage free for about 2 years and then we bought this house and now Bob has the highest mortgage he's ever had. Me too but I don't think like that. I'm an odd duck.

And your Bob is so my Bob's twin. Bob hates asking others for help but won't think twice about asking me to carry something ucky when I am clearly all cleaned up and ready to go out.

Bob's getting worse with his patience as he gets older. The swearing that happened while we carried a stove into our house was unreal. I automatically get upset if Bob gets upset so there were some seriously sharp words and the threat of me walking away and leaving him to figure out the stove.

Christmas time is also not fun when it's time to put the tree in it's stand. I should just wear ear plugs.

I hope you are milking the 'I almost killed you!' statement. I would so be working that angle ;)

And I haven't read Mittman either. Bad Cindy.

I'm glad you bought some books because you need to read instead of watching the news!


ReneeW said...

Sybil: Ur laid off too? I didn't realize that. But there are LOTS of people unemployed now because of the economy. Yeah, we could form our own blog :).

Cindy: I pleaded with him to ask neighbor Jim to help him, but no luck. Yeah, I made him feel guilty about that one. Yup your Bob is just like mine. Hates asking anyone else for help.

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