Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Okay, here I am

I disappeared for a while again. We went camping to the ocean beaches and just got back. We had a lovely time. The weather was nearly perfect and our camping spot was quiet and secluded. We went walking on the beach every day. The water was a little too cold to swim in but it was great for walking barefoot in the waves and sand. We managed not to overeat (which we tend to do when we camp - I get so hungry in the fresh air). But we did find a great seafood restaurant in Westport.

My right elbow started bothering me in June and is getting progressively worse. I think it's called tennis elbow and is caused by a repetitive stress injury which I believe is related to my computer typing. I need to see the doctor but I read up on it on google and I have it iced right now (brrrr). I bought a brace and that really seems to help too. I hate this.

I have done lots of reading out of my TBR (and purged a bunch too - some of those books I know I will never read). I have read 15 books so far in August, 11 of which were from my TBR. Most were in the B range with 2 C's. So I have about 125 books left in my TBR which is truly amazing. At one time my TBR had over 250 books. Alright, making progress.

Will get some reviews ready soon.

Reading now:

Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin
I guess you would classify this one as chick lit with a romantic subplot. This book was recommended by Janine at DearAuthor and since I also enjoyed Giffin's Something Borrowed, decided to give it a try. The heroine's voice is sometimes irritating but most of the time I'm enjoying it.


Alie said...

Glad to hear you had a good vacation :) I hope I don't get keyboard elbow as you have, it sounds really painful! I hope you can get to see a doctor soon.

ReneeW said...

Alie: Thanks Alie. Yeah, I hate being in pain. I better call the doctor today.

CindyS said...

You're back! Sounds like a wonderful time at the oceann and good for you not over eating. Then again, vacations are for eating ;)

I hope you get help for the elbow. No fun at all.


Christine said...

Camping at the beach? That sounds like an amazing vacation. The best of both worlds really. I'm going to have to keep that in mind for a future vacation with my family. Can I ask where you were? Or at least what state?

Sorry to hear about your elbow. Chronic pain is awful.

ames said...

Glad you had a good vacation-it sounds wonderful.

I got tennis elbow when I used to be the receptionist at my office. From answering the phone. My doctor subscribed aponaproxin (something along those lines) to reduce the inflamation. It doesn't bother me now.

ReneeW said...

Cindy: Finally quit procrastinating and made a doctor appointment. Cross your fingers that she will have some answers.

Christine: Grayland Beach State Park located about 10 miles south of Westport on the Washington coast. I highly recommend. About half the park looks brand new with a bunch of new sites and Yurts located right up against the sand dunes and a short walk to the beach. The sites are spread out and the bathrooms are clean and modern with showers. Most of the sites have electricity for those in RV's but tenters can use those sites too. Check it out. A great place for a family vacation. Bring a kite :)

Ames: Oh, there is hope then. I just made a doctor appt. and I'll keep this in mind.

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