Friday, April 11, 2008

My shopping day

I had a great day today. Took the day off of work to go shopping for a MOB dress. I started the day by weighing in at Weight Watchers. I'm down 20.8 lbs. and have reached my goal. So I set off for Nordstrom in Bellevue Square Mall (which is enormous) and started in the Special Occasion dresses section and wandered all over until I reached the designer dresses in the back corner. The sales lady tries to help me out and she is coming up with zip that appealed to me.

Then she pulled out this dress that was exactly the style and fabric I wanted but the color was all wrong (swirls of pink and purple ... ). But I thought, what the hey.

So she looks me up and down and says "Size 6?"

I'm thinking "WTF, no way" but I say "uhhhhh, no, maybe 8 or 10"

She says "No, you're a size 6."

How do sales ladies do that? I think there is some serious size inflation going on with today's dress makers. Anyway, I try the dress on (it fits perfectly and I look pretty good) but the color is still wrong. I look at the price tag. $895 !!!! Uh, no. N.O. No, no, no. The most expensive dress I have ever tried on. Well, that was fun. Needless to say I didn't buy it and I didn't find anything else in the store I liked. But that's OK. It was fun shopping. I will buy something online.

I also stopped at the used bookstore but I didn't buy any books. Go figure :) I did buy some used DVDs though. Since it was a beautiful sunny warm day, I bought an ice cream and sat and read in the little outdoor courtyard.

I also stopped at Seattle Lighting and looked at light fixtures. Nothing appealed to me.

Bob has been wanting a hot air popcorn popper so on a whim I stopped at Fred Meyer and bought him one.

I did order something Levolor Wood Blinds for our bedroom window. They were 25% off so I was happy.

Reading now
: An oldie I heard about somewhere (probably AAR RtR board)... The Same Last Name by Kathleen Gilles Seidel (copyright 1983)
I love the heroine who is a forest ranger but hero is kinda an idiot. I like Seidel's writing style though. Almost to the end (on page 177 of 255 pages) so we'll see if the hero redeems himself.


Rosie said...

Now that sounds like a sublime day even if you didn't find a dress. It had to feel good to try on a size 6.

CindyS said...

A size 6 AND you had ice cream!!! You go with your bad self!

Yep, those 800 dresses always shock the fur right off me. I tried on a dress and didn't even think to look at the tag. 400 bucks. I think my deoderant broke immediately. Not good.

But it sounds like you had a great kind of shopping day. Anytime a sales lady tells me I'm smaller than I think I could hug them. I went and bought a few summer tops and they are 2 sizes smaller than they used to be. Woohoo!! Now I need to get back to WW so I can start losing again.

And you ordered blinds over the net!? I'm not that brave. I usually look at them and ask if they will come measure ;)


ReneeW said...

Rosie: Yeah, it was great, but really I think a 6 is about a 10 from 20 years ago. But it did give me a mental lift.

Cindy: Oh, yeah, after fitting into a 6, I think a reward was necessary. Isn't it fun to lose a couple sizes - good girl! I have tried other plans but WW is the best for me. Keep up the good work :)

I ordered all the other blinds in my house online ( and they always fit but I make sure Bob double checks my measurements. I only got the wrong thing once and it was their fault (they sent outside mount instead of inside mount) and since it was their fault I didn't have to pay a thing. They replaced it no charge. But they wouldn't take the old one back so I ended up selling it on craigslist for $100. Sweet!

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