Sunday, January 06, 2008

Driven by Eve Kenin

My review writing has been pretty sparse lately. So I thought I would write some quickie reviews to get caught up on some good 2007 books that you may have missed and should consider reading.

TITLE: Driven
AUTHOR: Eve Kenin
SETTING/TYPE: Futuristic Romance
On my weekend trip to frozen, snowy North Dakota I took this book along which by coincidence takes place in a frozen Siberian-like world with extreme subzero temperatures. The setting is a futuristic post-apocalyptic world (after a nuclear war) where a third of the world population has been decimated. This is a fabulous action/adventure well blended with a hot spicy romance.

Raina is an independent trucker who hauls much needed supplies between the scattered outposts of the Northern Waste. She intends to compete in a contest with a group of truckers who are basically pirates who will kill other drivers and hijack their cargo. In the opening scene Raina shows us what a kick-ass heroine she is. She pairs up with Wizard and they get chased across the frozen icy wasteland in her completely self contained truck. Wizard is a robot like character with some strange abilities and very enigmatic until his background is slowly revealed. I really enjoyed this book. The action is non-stop and the sexual tension really heated things up. The character development and dialogue between Raina and Wizard were great and brought them to life. Eve Kenin is a going to be an author to watch.
My grade: B+

Her next book is Hidden (July 2008) which features Wizard's sister (I think). Found the cover:


Kristie (J) said...

I'm just reading this one now myself - gotta get in as many 2007 books as possible before voting at AAR - and I'm loving it. It's kind of a female Mad Max with a romance.

ReneeW said...

Yes exactly. I've seen a lot of reviews comparing it to a Mad Max movie only set in the frozen tundra. I've got to work on my ballot when I get back from vacation.

Kristie (J) said...

Not only that - but there's a certain 4 hour series that was made in 2004 in England I'm expecting you to watch *wink*

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