Saturday, September 22, 2007

Why Women Read More Than Men

Here is a fascinating article about why women read more than men. As an experiment someone gave out free books in a London park. The women takers were "eager and grateful" while the men "frowned in suspicion or distaste".

I can't say I'm surprised. Bob and I are good example of this.

2007 Reads
Me: 88
Bob: 0

I rest my case.

How much has your significant other read this year?


Rosie said...

I'm at 197. My beloved is hovering at around 6 or 8. I forget which he's on at the moment. I just remembered it was an even number less than 10 and more than 4. : )

CindyS said...

Oh thank God! I thought I had the only husband that doesn't read. Unless he's looking up a building code that man don't read. But then, he's really good at other things. Mreow ;)

Sorry, my sleeping pill is starting to kick in.

And wow on your books read! I'm at a lousy twenty so we're not quite twins and now I must pout ;)

Off to peek at the article.


CindyS said...

And I'm back. I'm not sure I agree with why men don't read. That certainly wasn't the case before industrialism. I wonder if because men are more visual, the TV or movie screen has become the prefered way of getting information. Whatever that might be.

Like all things there are exceptions and I do know of a few men who read just as much and one who reads the same books that his significant other reads (vampire, mystery, romance). I would say he equals her in reading and she reads more than I do.


Dev said...

Hmm, well I don't have a significant other to compare, but I'm the only reader in our family (Well, along with kiddo ~ and that's due to my influence).

Alie said...

I don't have a significant other either, but I know that I read more than both of my parents combined. My father only reads the newspaper and car magazines lol.

Nicole said...

I forgot to count this year so I have no idea, but it's a lot.

Nick reads every night, but it's usually a humor book (most often Dave Barry) and he rereads them an awful lot. So he reads, just not quite in the same way that I do.

Kristie (J) said...

I think Ron must have been unusual. He read as many if not more books than me. Of course he got all his from the library and had no problem returning them, unlike me who rereads and must keep most of the books I read.

nath said...

I don't have a significant other, but I know that my dad reads much more than my mom. In addition to magazines and newspapers, he reads kung fu novels on the internet like every night, after supper till he goes to sleep. I'm surprised he hasn't ran out of things to read yet :P

Holly said...

I haven't kept track of my reads this year, either, but I think I'm over a hundred.

MM hasn't read a single book. He did skim through an underwater investigations book for a dive team class, though. Does that count?

Giselle said...

My hubby started a book back in March but has since misplaced it so he's read exactly one chapter. But he does read to the kiddo so I guess board Sandra Boynton board books count.

Crystal said...

Me: 111
Kelly: 1

The one book Kelly read was an rule book for driving so he could get his air break license. He was glad that it had pictures in it. LOL!!

Kate Diamond said...

The Fiance reads for information. He's all about the news.

I read for pleasure, and then feel guilt that I'm not "up" on my current events.

I almost feel like it's comparing apples and oranges.

ReneeW said...

Everyone: Wow, this was a fascinating topic. Out of all of you it seemed that there were only a couple of you whose (husband, fiance or father) actually read much fiction. I think the reasons are probably more complicated that stated in the article but they had some good points. People in general are reading less. My Bob does read magazines and newspapers like a lot of other men but I personally feel it's because he doesn't like using his imagination in that way. He wants reality, he wants facts. HOW BORING. He just doesn't know the joy of climbing into a good book and forget about your troubles.

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