Thursday, February 15, 2007


Here are a few pictures. This is our boat, Carnival Pride. If you look real close you can see our room :). We are on deck 7, which is about two decks above that row of 6 lifeboats that you see. We looked down from our balcony onto those lifeboats.

Picture of one of the pools (midship - deck 9). There were 3 pools that all looked like this one. One forward, one aft, and one midship. I liked the hot tub best. Pools were too cold for me (and they were salt water).

Picture on board (deck 10), a great place to lounge in the sun:

Here's me on deck 10 getting ready to lounge in the sun:

Here's me on the beach at Cabo San Lucas. The water was a little cooler than I thought it would be. Not as warm as Hawaii where it was like bathwater. I'm glad I didn't go snorkling because it would have been too cold for me.

One of the pictures from our Land's End boat tour. I think this was called Lover's Beach. Gorgeous.

This is the famous Land's End arch at Cabo San Lucas (Los Arcos). So beautiful. I want to go back to Cabo someday. I tried taking pictures of the whales and dolphis we saw on our trip but they didn't turn out. I wasn't fast enough.

Picture of sunset taken from our dining room window in the stern of the ship. Not bad, huh?


ames said...

Quoting Borat, "Verrrry niiiice."

Karen Scott said...

Those photies are lovely Renee, I especially loved the picture of Lands End arch. Too pretty.

Kristie (J) said...

Gorgeous pictures!! I'm soooo envious!

CindyS said...

You took amazing pictures! For some reason I've always thought of cruises as busy - you know lots of people - maybe that my memory of the Love Boat ;)

I would love to spend some time on Lover's beach and Land's End - wow!


ReneeW said...

Everyone: You must try cruising sometime. Very relaxing, great food, and beautiful things to see. Now I must finish some reviews :)

nath said...

WOW! You must have had so much fun!!! Gorgeous pictures :)

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