Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Two keepers

Don't ya just love it when you read two keepers back to back? One, a new release, and the other a timeless classic. I then followed these up with another enjoyable read, Marriage By Design which I reviewed in my previous blog entry. All in all a great reading weekend.

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

Just got back from CindyS and KristieJ blogs and they both finished reading Slave to Sensation this weekend and loved it too. How weird is that! I swear I have some kind of ESP connection with these two. I figure that leaves me off the hook for a review, right? OK, maybe just a few of my thoughts.

This book is causing quite a stir in blogland and deservedly so. Wonderful book! I loved the world building and I can't wait to go back there with the next one. StS is set in an alternate reality Earth with three species: Psy, changeling and human. The Psy are an interesting species of psychics who are all connected through the PsyNet which is sort of like an internet for their minds. Due to serious problems with insanity and serial killings, the Psy have instituted a program of surpressing all emotion from birth. Sascha Duncan is Psy and knows she has been different all of her life because she has emotions and is desperately trying to keep it a secret. She fears 'rehabilitation' if her ability to feel emotion is discovered which would wipe out her mind. But lately she is having a harder time keeping her emotions under control. Lucas Hunter is a changeling who is a member of the DarkRiver pack of panthers. Changelings feel emotions and are proud of it.

The sexual tension between Sascha and Lucas was incredible and the dream scenes set the pages on fire. The characters were all well drawn and the plot fast paced. My only quibble is that I was a bit confused near the end when Sascha 'surfs' the PsyNet searching for clues to help find a serial killer since it was hard to tell what was going on. Other than that I thought the book was nearly perfect and I can't stand the thought of having to wait for the next book. I'll need to keep this one around so I can re-read it before the next one comes out.

My grade: A-

Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer

Thanks to Kristie, CindyS, and several others, for recommending this book to me. For some reason I thought this was a western but it actually takes place in Georgia in 1941, just before Pearl Harbor. MG was an emotional book about two very damaged people and the healing power of love. Both of them were unloved growing up and their story was heart wrenching and uplifting. Eleanor Dinsmore is a pregnant widow with two small boys living on a rundown farm. Will Parker is an ex-convict just fired from his job when he answers Ellie's advertisement for a husband in the local newspaper. The way these two grow to love each other over time was wonderful.

The secondary characters were three dimensional and vividly real. I especially loved Miss Beasley, the town librarian, who was crusty on the outside but had a heart of gold. My only quibble on this book was that I found it hard to believe that they could sleep together in the same bed for all those months and not have sex. But Will is such a beta hero that thinking about it further made me realize that this would be realistic for his character. And when they finally consummate their relationship it was rather subtle but nice just the same. I wanted some hot steamy sex! *sigh* Spencer just doesn't write that way. But I'm keeping this book to share with a few of my friends and my sister. They gotta love it.

My grade: A-


Anonymous said...

loved MG!

Rosario said...

I think I forgot to mention the dream sequences in my review. They were amazing, weren't they?

Kristie (J) said...

Oooh - I'm so glad you enjoyed Morning Glory!!! Isn't it a wonderful book? And Will is such a wonderful beta hero. It really is a great comfort read for me. Did you know they made a movie out of it? I didn't like it though. Christopher Reeve played Will and that's just not who I pictured Will as. Deborah Rafkin played Ellie and she did a good job. But what I really didn't like about the movie was they changed it quite a bit near the end. They didn't follow the book at all!
And StS is great too. It sounds like a few of us had problems with that one part - but other than that it was very very good.
It is a wonderful thing reading 2 keepers back to back!

ReneeW said...

Sybil: Don't know why it took me so long to pick this one up.

Rosario: Yes, I love sexy dream sequences.

Kristie: Really?? Yeah, Christopher Reeve sounds wrong for this part. Why do they have to ruin a perfectly good plot? I don't think I want to see it. I'll just re-read it when I want to re-visit those wonderful characters. Now if only I can settle on a book to read. I have the good book blues, doubled.

Tara Marie said...

You took 3 winners on vacation, how great is that??

ReneeW said...

Tara: Yup, it's a wonderful feeling.

Avid Reader said...

I knew you'd love it.


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